Scary Monsters (and Super creeps)

Right now a cool dude just entered the shop. Like a really cool dude. With cool tattoos, a cool hat, cool t-shirt. And green crocs.

Green crocs. Oh my godness. I feel bad for laughing, but people with dirty crocs on the street just make me laugh.

This week two people have called me boy” and one asked me about my age, at work (thinking I was younger).

I don’t really know how to react when someone says that I’m a boy.

I just stand there, like: 

Well, today a girl came into the store ( I work in a regular store, but more like a “hippie" store, but we also sell a lot of incense, perfumed things, and we have a little "sex shop" cabinet) and the girl wanted me to introduce her in some sexual toys. I actually didn’t use any of those that I am selling, but I don’t wanna be pretentious, but I think I know a lot about it. Even if my sexual life it’s death as mummies. I should be ashamed of myself?