Scary Monsters (and Super creeps)

I just realize my hair kind of looks like Levi’s. But in turquoise. This makes me considering the idea of cosplaying him… Hmmm

Well, today I finally went to see the Rise of the Guardians movie. And it was wonderful. The Jack Frost cosplay it’s going to happen someday. I guess.

today someone stole my train ticket, which cost me 162 euros approx, so I put my KK horns on and just derp through the house to cheer me up.

  • Me: So, let's go to the supermarket!
  • Friend: Hmm... have you ever wondered why we called it "super"market?
  • Me: Because it's like a normal market but "super"? Like, it's bigger than a regular one.
  • Friend: No! We should not call it "super"market, it isn't wearing a cape!

Can I have Obama for president as my birthday present? Even if I’m from very far away. That’s my birthday wish.

today i’ts my birthday. I’m 20 now. wha
cosplay little things. Oops!

i cant wait to the Barcelona manga saloon and see al my friends, and my sisters in Homestuck costumes. Specially on of my friends, who dresses as Dave. EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE SO GAY.

Well, I’m not sure what to think about me as Karkat. But there we go. (Also the paint won’t stop blur from my lips, and the teeth always fall from my mouth). What? It’s still on work, though.