Scary Monsters (and Super creeps)

today someone stole my train ticket, which cost me 162 euros approx, so I put my KK horns on and just derp through the house to cheer me up.

Well, I’m not sure what to think about me as Karkat. But there we go. (Also the paint won’t stop blur from my lips, and the teeth always fall from my mouth). What? It’s still on work, though.

Well, we keep going on the way to cosplay! Here are the Feferi’s (that I will use for Marceline, and Leijon ones too) and Dave wigs. ¬†Also, I was kind of bored, so I dressed up as Karkat.

Today i was on the way to school, and I looked in front of me, and there was my reflection on the window of the train. And I looked so frustated, and bitter, with those shadows on my face, in my eyes. And idk, Karkat came to my mind, so I drew myself as Karkat.

Well, this is the first of Karkat’s weapons that I recently finished. I’m planning on doing the 3 of them. And that’s it. I’ll put other photos on the cosplay I’m working on.

so i was eating chips and i took one to my mouth but then, when the chip graved my teeth… exploded. But seriously it exploded in pieces.

"… if his blood tastes like candy red it may be because he is so sweet…"
well another hyper-quick doodle before going to work. Bye bye holidays.

You quickly crafted a new weapon, HOMES SMELL YA LATER. Plus some other cool stuff.


So I will upload some more shit soon, I guess. Enjoy!