Scary Monsters (and Super creeps)

SO this was my last thing I did on the first year of illustation, it’s a Cronus (actually I don’t really know how to say this in english, it’s a traditional printing technique, “grabado” in spanish) i’m gonna say “hand engraved”.
SO, I drew the Blood Brothers today, with ink. Yup.

well, be prepared for lots of alpha trolls sketches/drawings (also for thank the almost 100 notes of the Grand Highblood sketch, love you! 

Sketchy sketches. The Gamzee ones where made on the train (the photos now, at night, the light makes it a bit scary), on the way to the first day of school, which it ended not as well as I expected. Tomorrow’s another day, though.

quick sharpie sketck of the Grand Highblood !

Somebody I used to know + Homestuck = Erifef ♥
I had the idea since I bought the Gotye álbum Making Mirrors. There are 12 songs, so when I was bored at work, I started to read the lyrics of all the songs and I put the name of the troll that related the most with each song, and I think Feferi and Eridan should have this amazing one. I’ll probably make a little picture with all the trolls inspired in the songs.
Also this is dedicated to Mr. Hussie and Mr. De Baker, two totally different artist, but two amazing persons, which inspired me a lot, and I’m just getting started. I really apreciate their work, I love them.
But this is mostly dedicated to my youngest sister, who loves Eridan, Homestuck and Gotye, and it’s about to be 15 years old! I love you Mawie ♥


Yep, there goes another one. I love Diamonds Droog, he’s awesome, classy and kind of a gentleman, and I think he would be the “handsome” of the Midnight Crew. AAAAAGH THE ARE SO COOL. So yeah, there it goes.

funny fact: the shape of his face and his nose are the shapes of Orlando Bloom.

Dave: Take a look.

Well, trying some tools on sai. I actually like doing homestuck redraws i think i’m gonna use it for practicing. Yeah. Enjoy!

"… if his blood tastes like candy red it may be because he is so sweet…"
well another hyper-quick doodle before going to work. Bye bye holidays.
ok sai, let’s be bros ok? and what a better way to begin it doodling bro and/or dirk?