Scary Monsters (and Super creeps)

i cant wait to the Barcelona manga saloon¬†and see al my friends, and my sisters in Homestuck costumes. Specially on of my friends, who dresses as Dave. EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE SO GAY.

Well, I’m not sure what to think about me as Karkat. But there we go. (Also the paint won’t stop blur from my lips, and the teeth always fall from my mouth). What? It’s still on work, though.

Well, we keep going on the way to cosplay! Here are the Feferi’s (that I will use for Marceline, and Leijon ones too) and Dave wigs. ¬†Also, I was kind of bored, so I dressed up as Karkat.

some wrok in pogress YO . ft. my lovely little sisters

wow I can’t wait to the wigs to come.

I’m also so happy that my first proper cosplays are from something i REALLY LIKE. Even if MY cosplay it’s the most easy I’m working on like, 4 at the time?

- Karkat - Eridan - Feferi - Dave -

so happy, omg, I have so many things to do and the convention it’s the 1st of November? i don’t even know that !!!!! I’ll upload some photos, I supose. yay!

Well, this is the first of Karkat’s weapons that I recently finished. I’m planning on doing the 3 of them. And that’s it. I’ll put other photos on the cosplay I’m working on.

Can we pretend for a moment that I am Rose ?
co2play am ii doiing iit riight?