Scary Monsters (and Super creeps)

  • Little sister: Today I found some of your old manga comics. And they were like yaoi. But with fire. I'll show you later.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: What.

(Today I bought The Avengers sticker album)

Me: wow, you must think that I’m a freak

(because in the last month I have spent like 120 euros in comics and stuff)

Guy of the store: maybe you’re a freak. But an intelligent and sexy freak”.

I regret that one time, when I didn’t buy the Loki comic at Norma Editorial.


So, last saturday I went to “El Sal√≥n del Comic 2012” in Barcelona, which I was waiting for a long time. I’ve never had the oportunity to buy comics and now that I have a job, I can buy them by myself to myself! And I’m entering the worlds of DC, Marvel, etc, and I REALLY LOVE IT. Otherwise I’ve just seen The Avengers movie, and started The Justice League new series, which I really love (oh Robin, you stole my heart in every single comic/serie). So I’m starting to draw some sketches. There they go!

Just trying something. Telling my sunday, yay.
Aaaaand she’s pregnant.